Drinking Water

Sounds simple. But how many people out there really take enough of water each day?

You all must have heard that we need to drink 8 glasses of water everyday. It might be hard for you to count how many cups of water have you taken for the day, so the tip is to get a water bottle that you can always carry along.

According to Dr. Rebecca from Natural Heath Naturopathic Academy, normally an adult needs 2-3 litters of water per day, and this does not include the “color” drinks. “Color” drinks here meant for drinks like coffee, tea and other beverages that you can think of. If you are drinking coffee, you need to drink even more water to replace it.

So by using water bottle and knowing your bottle size, you can easily know how much water have you intake for the day as you need to refill like 2 times per day if it is a 1L bottle. And it is important that you drink water throughout the day without having to wait until you feel thirsty.

Drink more water will also help to increase your body metabolism which helps to improve your weight loss plan.